It has always been believed that human ovulation is a concealed experience. Unlike other primates, humans do not exhibit any changes in physical appearance during, before or after ovulation. But now, a study has proved that there are subtle changes in facial feature even in humans during this period. Recent studies have already shown that female body odor is more
enticing for men when they are ovulating and soft tissue traits like ears, fingers and breasts become more symmetrical in the days leading up to ovulation.

Study Highlights
a. 2 digital photographs of 48 women aged 19 to 33 years were taken.
b. 23 of these photographs were taken at the University of Newcastle, UK, and 25 at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.
c. Two photos of women were taken, one during their menstrual cycle and the other during the latter phase of the menstrual cycle against a plain white background.
d. All the photographs were taken with the same camera.
e. None of the women were using hormonal contraception.

Conclusion of the Study
a. The study has claimed that photos of women during their menstrual cycle were more attractive than the other.
b. The difference in attractiveness is subtle.
c. It has also been seen that skin color becomes lighter during the time.
d. There is a subtle increase in facial attractiveness.