A 27 year old Israeli woman from Britain has earned the honor of being the world's only woman to have become pregnant after undergoing embryo screening also knows as pre-implantation diagnosis. Doctor's rejected 6 embryos before giving the go-ahead. The baby will be free from hereditary breast cancer carried by his father's genes. Critics however, say that this is unethical and could lead to the creation of "designer babies" that are chosen for their looks or intelligence.

Highlights of the procedure
a. Doctor's conducted tests on the embryos by extracting a single cell.
b. These tests are carried out when the embryos are three days old.
c. This was done to remove an inherited breast cancer gene from the father.
d. Out of the 11 embryos produced by the woman, five were found to be free from the gene.
e. Two of these embryos were implanted in the woman's womb and 2 were frozen for future use.
f. This screening means that the couple will eliminate the hereditary disease from their lineage.