According to a recent study that was published in the British Medical Journal online, women using birth control pills are seen to be at a lower risk of cancer. Researchers looked into data collected over a 36 year period to come to this conclusion. This is one of the most comprehensive studies on this subject. Participants had an average age of 29 and half of them were already on oral contraceptives while the remainder had never taken them. The average user in the study took it for 44 months.

Highlights of the study
a. Researchers studied the data of 46,000 women held by the Royal College of General Practitioners since 1968.
b. It was seen that there was a 12 per cent lower risk of cancer among women who used the Pill at some time during their lives.
c. There was no additional risk of breast cancer for regular pill users.
d. There was a 29 per cent decrease in risks of gynaecological cancers, such as ovarian in pill users.
e. There was also a reduced risk of large bowel and rectal cancer.
f. Researchers suggest that the protective effect of pill lasts for up to15 years after a woman stops using it.
g. A woman gets more protection as she gets older.
h. But women on the pill for eight years or longer had a 22 per cent increased risk of developing cervical cancer.