Most Americans are afflicted by affluenza and it is more so among the middle class. Affluenza is a term used to define 'over consumption'. In today's consumption based society, everybody is trying to keep up with their friends and neighbors. Peer pressure leads to an epidemic like situation and acquisition becomes the order of the day. Though affluenza is more of a social disease, it is no less a real problem for most people.

a. Affluenza is a social disease which mainly affects the middle class.
b. People afflicted with affluenza are willing to sacrifice family values and work overtime to gain bigger house, bigger breast implants, televisions and cars.
c. Material things become more important than individuality.
d. Greed becomes the driving force behind motivation.
e. Psychological problems manifest themselves due to the stress of keeping up with the friends and neighbours.
f. Affluenza is contagious and makes people selfish.