A new way of consuming alcohol through the nose is introduced in UK, by entrepreneur Dominic Simler. Named AWOL, which means alcohol without liquid, is similar to the Hookah, a water pipe originated in East Asia and prominently used by the Arab world. It gives immediate effect of alcohol, with no hangover.

Product Review
a. AWOL machine has many tubes connected to a base from which the user selects the spirit that is loaded into the diffuser capsule in machine. Oxygen bubbles are passed via the capsule, which picks up alcohol and is inhaled through a tube, by the user.
b. It is nothing but a mixture of oxygen and alcohol in vapor form, inhaled through the nose.
c. Alcoholic gas through the nose passes into bloodstream and gives an instant hit.
d. But experts warning about AWOL, say that inhaled alcohol directly goes into brain, without undergoing filtration process by liver. And this could pose potential risk many times to drinking alcohol.
e. The AWOL is to be offered at the club in Bristol, UK. Each shot costs £ 6.
f. Using the AWOL it takes about 1 hour to consume 35 ml of alcohol and its recommended to take 1 shot per hour.
g. To buy the home machine it costs £147 Single Person Home Machine – click here
h. To view how the machine works see it here