love-your-body-week.jpg Sierra College in Rocklin is hosting a project with a difference. During their 'Love Your Body Week' in May first week, body secrets of numerous participants will go on display at the Body Secret Art Project. Participants of this 'free for all' project will be displaying secrets about their bodies that have always made them uncomfortable. This project is aimed at helping them overcome their consciousness of these real or imagined defects.

Project Highlights
a. This project aims to create awareness about negative body image.
b. The ultimate aim of the project is to help people come to terms with their shortcomings.
c. This project seeks to improve self esteem and confidence of participants.
d. Any body can join this project.
e. There are no entry charges.
f. All one needs to do is submit anonymous art or text containing a body secret.
g. Secrets can be anything like tattoos to scars to disabilities.
h. This is going to be an ongoing project with no concluding date.
i. It has, so far, got 300 submissions.
j. Submissions can be dropped at boxes provided in the college campus or it can be mailed to