Human bodies are now being exhibited to create awareness about the anatomy for the first time. The Arizona Science Center has started their exhibition titled BODY WORLDS 3: The Anatomical Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. Visitors will be able to view preserved human bodies and get an invaluable insight into the effects that an unhealthy lifestyle can have on the different organs of the body. This has been made possible due to the efforts of University of Heidelberg's Dr. Von Hagens who invented the Plastination procedure of preserving human bodies in 1977.

Exposition Highlights
a. This is the first exhibition of more than 200 human bodies and starts from January 26, 2007.
b. Created by Gunther von Hagens, it showcases the physician scientist's 30 years' experience in human anatomy.
c. It gives visitors an idea how the human body works, effects of lifestyle choices, tobacco consumption and also showcases the complexity of the nervous system.
d. Human bodies preserved by Plastination will be exhibited here.
e. This exhibition is sponsored by JPMorgan Chase and the Arizona Republic.
f. The On Point Dancer, the Juxtaposed Couple, the Female Orthopedic Body, the Limber Gymnast with Organs and the Walker are exhibited in public for the first time in the US.
g. Entry fees is $22 for adults, $16 for children (3-12) and youths (13-18), $18.50 for seniors (62+) and students (19-29) with a valid college ID. To buy tickets click here