Consumers in New Zealand and Britain are worried about the latest health hazard that comes in the form of cheap clothes from China. Tests have revealed that the formaldehyde in these clothes is almost 900 times more than the safety limit. Though formaldehyde resin is commonly used in the manufacture of wrinkle-free and stain-resistant-garments, exposure to higher concentrations of this chemical could have adverse effects on health in the long run.

a. Cheap clothes manufactured in China contain high levels of a potentially dangerous chemical, formaldehyde.
b. This chemical is usually used to protect clothes against mildew.
c. Exposure to high levels of this chemical is harmful for people.
d. It can cause minor skin rashes as well as certain kinds of cancers.
e. Materials like blended cotton, wrinkle-resistant cotton, shrink-proof wool, rayon and synthetic blends are more likely to be treated with this chemical.