Prosopagnosia or face-blindness is a neurological condition that makes a person incapable of recognizing faces though it does not affect the person's ability to see faces. People with perfect vision can suffer from this condition. However, this is a socially debilitating disease and can make a person extremely self conscious and lead to a lack of self confidence. There is, as yet, no known cure for this condition.

Condition Symptoms
a. Face blindness is also known as prosopagnosia.
b. It impairs a person's ability to recognize faces.
c. Sufferers can recognize facial features but cannot remember a person if they have same features as everybody.
d. According to research, one in 50 people might have this problem.
e. According to scientists, the fusiform gyrus portion of the brain is responsible for this condition.
f. Though brain injury can also lead to this condition, most patients are born with it.