The desire to be beautiful and charming is a very common thing, but if you want to have a perfect Halloween look, the Federico Beauty Institute, located in Sacramento, now offers it. The institute has trained up cosmetology experts to give you a perfect frightening Halloween look by applying prosthetic appendages like bruises, scars, bullets holes, blood and warts.

Spa Highlights
a. The students of the institute are ready to give you the look you want and it has extended the time up to 8pm on Saturday to cover more clients.
b. The clients are required to come with clean faces so as to get a perfect ghoulish make up. It
costs about $20 and $10 to have makeup for adults and children respectively.
c. The school also offers appendages for sale, and they are priced from $8 to $15. So the Halloween costume contest is waiting for you.

For more information, you can contact at (916) 929-4242 or visit them at www.federico.edu.