Nancy Burson a New York based artist of repute, has developed the "Human Race Machine" that can show people to see themselves, in other races, for example either in black, Indian, African or Middle Eastern. Burson has used morphing technology to develop this machine.

Machine Features
a. One must line up face with lines and marks on the screen, to facilitate mapping. Afterwards, user must select a race and watch the features transformed.
b. Machine aids to have a glimpse, if users would like to see themselves with facial anomalies. For example if one is 20 years of age, they can direct the machine how they would probably look in their 25 years of age.
c. Nancy Burson's patented technology allows the machine to capture the image and use four different programs to see the changes one would like to see.
d. The Human race machine is available for rent for a full week or more.
e. The Human race machine weighs 650 lbs and has a set of wheels.
f. To book this machine for an event, you may contact Wolfman Productions Inc at 1800-735-4933