Women nowadays are willing to go to any lengths to get anti-aging treatments. Cases of women walking out of clinics and spas without paying their bills after Botox and similar treatment are getting more frequent. In fact, some clinics Are3 now thinking of demanding payments in advance to escape from the Botox bandits which is the term used to describe these unscrupulous patrons.

Case Highlights
a. A middle-aged woman left Genesis Medical Spa in Reno on March 12, 2008, saying she had to make an important phone call. She owes the spa more than $1,300 for Botox and facial filler treatments.
b. The same woman is also suspected of cheating Reno's Renovation, A Medical Spa of $1,500 four years ago and $150 in 2007.
c. Another well-dressed woman left a Houston clinic in February 2008 without paying for more than $2,600 in Botox treatments and skin care products.
d. In Phoenix, a woman left a spa in January 2008 without paying for more than $2,600 in Botox and other cosmetic procedures.
e. In the summer of 2007, two other women duped the spa of $2,275 and $1,000 respectively after enjoying similar services.
f. These cases are still being investigated without any headway.
g. No arrests have been made till date.
h. Most spas have started taking precautions.