babies-killed-abortions-face-lifts.jpg Using tissues from unborn babies (6-12 weeks) who are killed in abortions, for cosmetic facelifts has become rampant. The stem cells obtained out of destroying human embryos are injected into face lift patient's face. These fetal cells are said to start the skin rejuvenation process and make the skin look younger.

Review of the human embryo injections procedure

a. Women in third world countries are paid $200 to carry a baby up to 6-12 weeks.
b. The fetuses are harvested for their stem cells and are sold to exclusive cosmetic clinics.
c. The promises to make her look 10 years younger and doesn't mind.
d. Some countries which practice this treatment are Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Moscow and Rotterdam.
e. The cost of the stem cell human embryo injections is approximately $3000 USD and is offered at 50 clinics in Moscow, Russia

The pro-life advocates and scientists who are into the stem cell research have strongly condemned the practice and have deemed it unethical and cruel. Some experts feel that those promoting these practices are damaging the reputation of stem-cell researchers.