body-modification.jpg Out of all the body altering procedures which include tattoos, piercings etc, how many of you know the lingo of body piercings. here are a few

Transdermal implants: Implants that are put beneath the skin but protrude outside, like metal spikes.
Subdermal implants: Implants covered by skin, like inserted into bone plates or forehead horns.
Scarification: The procedure of removing skin, with chemicals, or instruments to make permanent skin scars.
Tongue splitting: Dividing the tongue down the middle into two sections.
Surface piercing: Piercing on the chin or neck.
Tooth filing: The reshaping of tooth by removing a part of the dental surface.
Ear pointing: The creation of "elf"-like ears by cutting off the tissue from the top tip of the ear & stiching the two ends together.
Suspension: Involves fastening hooks to piercings, generally in the back, legs or torso, and hang from ropes or chains that are attached to a ceiling.