Smoking can have dire consequences on surgical patients. Seeking to convince patients about this fact, Las Vegas based plastic surgeon, Dr. Samir Pancholi, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, is ensuring that his patients know as well as see the negative consequences of smoking on certain cosmetic procedures.

Highlights of the doctor’s efforts
a. Patients seeking a face lift, a tummy-tuck or a breast lift are asked to stop smoking for 4 weeks before and after the procedure.
b. For Botox or breast augmentation procedures, patients are recommended to quit smoking, but it is not necessary for the survival of the tissue which is not as dependent on blood supply.
c. To help patients quit, the surgeon shows them graphic pictures of people who falsely said they quit smoking prior to their surgeries.
d. Patients are shown pictures of dead, black skin and fat around the operated area, raised, red scars, deep bruising, skin tissue that needs to be removed, skin graph that needs to be repaired and patients who had to be hospitalized and receive antibiotics.
e. If the pictures don’t help, medicines like Chantix are prescribed to help patients quit.
f. Patients are required to take a urine test to check for nicotine levels a week before surgery.

Dangers of nicotine
a. Nicotine restricts blood flow and oxygen to the healing skin.
b. This causes the tissue operated on to die.
c. Even one cigarette puff or a walk through a smoky casino could damage the tissues.