caplesesne.jpg A medical malpractice suit has been filed against Park Avenue plastic surgeon and author of Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Carroll Lesesne, recently. This lawsuit, filed by 43 year patient old Charlotte Brimecome, alleges that the surgeon bungled her nose job, nipple reduction, facelift and cheek-implant procedure. The patient approached the surgeon in spring 2008 on two separate dates to get the work done.

Highlights of the lawsuit
a. This suit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.
b. According to the patient, the surgeon did not do any of the things the way he said he would do them.
c. It charges Lesesne with distorting the nipple on the patient’s left breast, removing one of her breast implants without consent and, during a facelift, leaving a scar and a bald patch above her ear.
d. It also says that the surgeon failed to set the patient’s nose properly and left it "twisted to the right" with a dent and a crack in the middle.
e. Another charge is that one of Brimecome's eyebrows was paralyzed when the surgeon manually inserted her cheek implants which left her lip permanently scarred.
f. Lesesne apparently failed to inform his patient of the foreseeable risks and benefits of and alternatives to the treatment proposed and rendered.
g. However, Lesesne said that the patient appeared to be happy with his work at the time and had conveyed this to him several times.
h. He also said that the patient had not expressed any displeasure with any part of the surgery.