Michael-Sachs-New-York.jpg Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Sachs has had his license revoked by state health officials following the death of a patient. This doctor has the dubious reputation of being the state's one of the most sued doctor.

Highlights of the controversy
a. Dr Sachs lost his license after following four charges of negligence by the state Board for Professional Medical Misconduct.
b. The four patients are not identified.
c. The doctor has been charged with negligence causing death, botched jobs among other things.
d. He has also been earlier charged with causing infections, mangling critical parts of patients' noses and eliminating others, puncturing septums and leaving patients with breathing problems.
e. Sachs has settled 27 malpractice cases in the last decade.
f. The state order means that he can no longer practice medicine in the state.
g. He will also be unable to appeal under the order.