A new law in New York regulates office surgeries like face-lifts, tummy tucks and colonoscopies performed in doctors offices & clinics. Till now these procedure largely escaped state regulation. This is a welcome move since there was widespread concern that some such practices were substandard and there were issues related to poor outcomes as well. The new law in New York requires office-based doctors, physician assistants and surgical assistants to report adverse events to the state, just like hospitals.

Highlights of the new regulations
a. This law came into affect from January 14, 2008.
b. It affects plastic surgery, colonoscopy and any other invasive procedure that uses moderate to deep sedation in an office setting.
c. Other procedures that may fall under the law are needle biopsies and contrasting imaging studies.
d. From February, 2008, doctors and medical personnel who perform surgical procedures outside the hospital will be required to report adverse events to the state.
e. In 2009, it will be a must for office-based practices to get accreditation from a national organization.
f. Dentists, Podiatrists & Lasik eye surgeons are exempt from this law.