A new outpatient plastic surgery facility is set to open in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona. The facility is lead by Dr.Robert Cohen a board certified Plastic Surgeon; whose work is published in numerous plastic surgery technology and robotics journals. Dr.Cohen has undergone training in nation’s top-notch institutions.

Review of the new Cosmetic center
a. The center has state-of-art technology facilities that can meet the cosmetic needs of clients.
b. The quality of service is top-notch, keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of the patient.
c. The center's architecture, design and ambient atmosphere provides exceptional relaxation to the patients before and after their surgery.
d. The facility is equipped with power assisted liposuction device and CO2 laser to perform the latest Liposuction and non-invasive skin procedures.
f. Dwight Painter, CST who has the reputation of working with nations prominent plastic surgeons is appointed as operating room manager and surgical scrub technician. Likewise the plastic surgeons practicing in the facility have exceptional experience and are well known names in the field.
g. To know more about this center calls 480.423.1973 or visit