acne-care-frutels.jpg Worried about your complexion and the blemishes on your skin? There is delicious help at hand. An American company has come out with a unique product that can give one flawless skin. The product, New Acne Care chocolates - Frutels, are bite-size chocolates that contain skin-aiding antioxidants and nutrients which clear the skin from within.

Product Highlights
a. These are tasty, sugar free, vitamin-infused and nutrient rich chocolates.
b. It can be used to complement a person’s diet.
c. It is a natural solution to clear skin.
d. It balances the skin with its vitamin and mineral formula.
e. It also provides a person with the benefits from dark chocolate's high powered antioxidants.
f. It is 100 per cent vegetarian, sugar-free and does not contain any artificial ingredients.
g. It is perfect for stress-free acne care as there is no burning skin, complicated procedure or side effects.
h. Just 2-4 Frutels a day can do the trick.
i. It protects the body from stress, calms hormonal fluctuations, strengthens the body’s chemistry against simple sugars and enhances the immune system.

What some nutritionist's say about Frutels
a. According to Carina Norris, nutritionist and author of The Food Manual and You Are What You Eat, though these chocolates are packed with nutrients and delicious, it is better to get antioxidants from real fruit.
b. Real fruits are likely to be a cheaper and better alternative.
c. It contains more fiber that helps in digestion and clears up skin.
d. This product is likely to make people complacent about their diet.
e. “Water, fruits and vegetable every day will be more beneficial for skin.

a. $37.95 for a month’s supply in a risk free trial offer
b. There is a 60 day risk-free money back guarantee. One has to simply return the empty boxes within 60 days of purchase and avail of a 100 per cent refund of the initial purchase amount, less shipping and handling.To buy click here