A new topical gel to treat severe acne is under trials by dermatologists at the University of Cincinnati (UC). The dual action combo gel has shown significant results in helping reduce clogged pores and ward off bacterial infections which cause acne.

Product Features
a. The topical gel is a combination of retinoid adapalene, (that is used to reduce clogged pores) and Benzoyl peroxide (a strong anti bacterial composition currently used in many acne products).
b. Researchers feel that the combination of these two medications, would make a superior remedy to acne.
c. The clinical trials for the new acne gel are being conducted now. A sample of 40 individuals would be selected (who has severe acne) for the test trial. These people would apply the gel for 12 weeks. The results would be evaluated and presented once the trial is completed.
d. Call Vivian Berger at (513) 475-7575, for trial enrollment information.
e. Galderma USA has the rights to manufacture the topical gel once approved by the FDA.