Acne may be a general problem in adoloscents, but people in their their 30s or 40s, are facing the problem of adult acne. Adrenal stress levels is linked to this adult acne phenomenon, according to Leanne McCliskie, education manager for International Dermal Institute in Toronto. Cosmetic companies are flooding the market with creams for elimination of acne, but there is no single remedy, the treatment should be administered after examining the skin type and body constitution, experts feel.

The Acne Cure (Rodale Inc.) by Dr. Terry J. Dubrow and Brenda D. Adderly, outlines a cleansing and treatment regimen advocating certain ingredients based on skin type (oily, dry or combination). In her book The Skin Type Solution (Bantam), she explains there are 16 skin types based on oiliness versus dryness, resistant versus sensitive, pigmented versus non-pigmented and tight versus wrinkled. Hormonal imbalance after menopause may be cause for women suffering from acne, but McCliskie, feels the reason for acne could be factors like Pollution, toxins, fast foods etc.