These days, do-it-yourself treatments to address many skin problems have become available in almost every store.

a. Verilux HappySkin System uses a combination of blue and red wavelengths of light. The HappySkin System effectively work to stave off acne and inflammation. There will be no side effects and pain with this at-home treatment. Fifteen minutes exposure to light daily, for 12 weeks gives you desired results. It costs you about $199.95.
b. Clarisonic Skin Care Brush ($195) will be a perfect one to mar the bacteria in the pores. The brush also improves the absorption of active ingredients so that skin becomes healthier.
c. Meet Zeno ($159) is a portable blemish-blaster with its green light mars the bacteria that causes pimples. Apply the green light of Meet Zeno (once or twice a day) on the pimples for two and half minutes can prevent the formation of pimples.