clearogen-adult-acne-remedy.jpg To address the problem of acne that is affecting 50% of the adult population, there are numerous medications. But unfortunately, all these medications work only on symptoms, leaving the cause, behind. A new topical treatment Clearogen is made up of FDA approved ingredients which help cure both the symptoms and Dihydro-Testosterone, which causes acne.

Acne Drug Review
a. Clearogen is made up of natural ingredients that work on both symptoms and block Dihydro-Testosterone, the root cause of acne.
b. Clearogen blocks DHT stimulating oil glands to produce more and lowers local production of DHT. This way it blocks development of acne again.
d. On regular use, Clearogen balances skin’s oil production, kills bacteria, lowers inflammation, on skin.
e. Results are visible within 30 days.
f. Clearogen can be ordered online at and costs $69.00 for 2 months supply.