Acne is a common disease and affects nearly 50 million people in the US alone. It is not the face that is affected but in some cases acne breakouts on the body too. Back acne is a common place where acne breaks out on the body. This makes treatment difficult as most people stop using medication since they find it too painful to apply medicine on their backs. But with the introduction of ClindaReach™ in the market this problem will be solved. Developed by DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc., this product is currently being sold in pharmacies and has been introduced only to dermatologists.

Product review
a. This is to be used in the treatment of acne vurgaris.
b. ClindaReach is only available by prescription only.
c. It consists of the topical antibiotic clindamycin and the lightweight EasyReach™ Applicator which has a multi-directional rotating head.
d. It is easy to use, simple and effective.
e. It makes it possible for a person to apply the medicine in hard-to-reach places like the back.
f. ClindaReach™ comes with EasyReach™ Applicator, ClindaReach™ medicated pads, EasyCling™ Appliqués & EasyCleanse™ unmedicated pads