fraxel-laser.jpg Fraxel laser is the latest technology which helps erase acne scars and holes. Compared to other laser treatments for acne, recovery from Fraxel SR laser is pain free and easy. Even the strongest of acid peels or microdermabrasion procedures cannot smooth the deep pits. Now there is a new scar removal procedure called the fraxel laser, which does not strip the top layer of skin or require long recovery time.

Procedure Review
a. The fraxel laser devices induces tiny beams of laser in the acne scarred skin's surface.
b. In fraxel treatment the patient is healed within a few days, and there are no open wounds.
c. The FDA has approved fraxel laser for acne scarring.
d. Patients face is rubbed with a blue numbing gel, over which the hand held laser device strikes the acne scars.
e. Depending on the intensity of acne scars, the fraxel laser procedure is recommended for 4 sessions and the total cost of the procedure is approximately $4000.