Aesthera Corporation has developed a new laser technology to help in the treatment of acne. Their Isolaz Deep Pore Laser Therapy has been introduced in the market, is being received with great enthusiasm by physicians. Clinical studies have proved the efficacy of this therapy in the treatment of stubborn acne lesions that had not responded to oral medications, topical creams and traditional lasers.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a deep pore laser therapy powered by the Photopneumatic Technology.
b. It is a combination of pneumatic energy (vacuum) and laser light.
c. It has the ability to destroy bacteria that causes acne.
d. It is highly effective in the treatment of comedonal and pustular acne.
e. It can also successfully treat mild to moderate, inflammatory acne and acne vulgaris.
f. Four treatments are enough for the results to show.
g. It also makes the skin clear, improves texture and tone of skin and reduces the size of pores.
h. It does not have side effects associated to laser treatments.
i. A session takes about 10 minutes.
j. Anesthesia is not used.
k. It has been approved for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions and permanent hair reduction.
l. Isolaz offers multiple t helps in skin rejuvenation, repairs photodamaged skin, removes brown spots and resolves broken capillaries due to rosacea.
m. It is FDA approved
n. The procedure is used to treat Acne, help remove brown spots, rosacea and is also effective for hair removal.
n. To find a doctor practicing Isolaz Deep Pore Laser Therapy click here