About 85% of all teenagers suffer from acne. During teen years there is high hormone activity and this causes body to ooze excessive oils. When dead skin cells mix with body's natural oils, it causes pores to get clogged and this causes acne. Acne can be controlled by washing face twice a day and eating a balanced diet. However some teens suffer acne which doesn't go away even after a few years and is not responding to any topical acne creams or gels. A few treatments mentioned below help cure severe, persistent acne.

a. Accutane is the leading oral treatment to cure severe acne.
b. The medication is available only by prescription and has side effects such as suicidal depression, possible birth defects including dry lips-eyes and skin.
c. Accutane costs about $800-$900 / month's dosage.
d. There are some insurance companies which cover the cost of medication.

Popular Light treatments to cure acne
There are two light treatments available in the market today to get rid of Acne. Omnilux Blue light- therapy is a popular therapy for clearing acne fast.

a. Light therapy destroys bacteria that causes inflammation associated with acne.
b. Acne patients get temporary relief from acne.
c. Light treatment of acne, usually require multiple sessions of treatments for a period of a month.
d. To reduce the risk of error, this procedure has to be undergone by a qualified physician only.
e. The procedure is a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance.
f. Each session of light treatments is priced around $300 - $600