Researchers from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria, have found reducing the intake of high glycemic load foods could help in the treatment of acne. This study shows that nutrition plays an important role in acne outbreaks. High glycemic load foods causes increase in blood glucose and low glycemic diets are known to promote weight loss and insulin sensitivity

Highlights of the study
a. 43 men with acne were divided into two groups, one was put on low glycemic load diet and the other on a standard diet.
b. The volunteers on the low glycemic load diet replaced high glycemic load foods in their diet with more food containing protein and lower glycemic load.
c. The volunteers on the standard diet were told to include carbohydrates in their diet.
d. After 12 weeks, it was seen that the number of acne lesions had dropped by about 22 in the low glycemic load group.
e. In the standard diet group, it dropped by about 14.
f. The low glycemic load group also lost weight and their androgen level came down.
g. They also exhibited an increased insulin sensitivity.
h. The foods which constitute to high glycemic are sugary foods, breads & pastas.