The acne market is worth $1.3 billion. Now skin health provider Obagi Medical Products Inc. has developed a new therapy for people suffering from this skin disorder. According to Steven Carlson, President, Obagi Medial Products, the new CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System works on all three causes of acne, including excess oil, acne-causing bacteria and clogged pores. This therapy effectively faces the challenge of achieving superior patient results.

Product Review
a. This system combines salicylic acid and a prescription strength gel form of liquefied Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO).
b. It rapidly reduces lesions and penetrates the follicles more effectively.
c. Continuous use of this system reduces the growth of follicular bacteria.
d. It shows a 52 per cent reduction in inflammatory lesions in 2 weeks.
e. It shows a 34 per cent reduction in non-inflammatory lesions in 2 weeks.
f. Clinical trials have shown the use of this system leads to 80 per cent patient satisfaction.
g. It is easy to use and very effective.
h. It system consists of 3 steps: The excess sebum from the skin is first removed with Daily Care Foaming Cleanser, then the Pore Therapy exfoliates and removes dead skin cells from the skin and, lastly, the Serum Gel is applied on the skin.
i. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and skin-care oriented physicians will offer this system to patients from February 2007.
j. The Clenziderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System costs $118 and to buy online - click here