Acne sufferers have long been deprived of having a pain free treatment to help them get rid of acne. Dermatologists have been using suction technique, using a syringe to help women get rid of postular acne. But now this can be a thing of the past. Photoneumatic therapy or PPX uses very low energy laser and suction to treat acne. This new therapy is absolutely painless and has been approved by the Fda for the treatment of acne.

Procedure review
a. This is a combination of broadband, light and suction therapy.
b. First the skin is stretched and the pore is opened by suction, then a band of light is applied in this pore to kill the acne bacterium.
c. The light energy used is very low and does not adversely affect the skin.
d. This is a hand held device that contains individual microchips.
e. This device comes with three kinds of tips that make it convenient for use in different parts of the face.
f. Results are visible after 4 to 5 treatments.
g. It costs about $350 to $500 per treatment.
h. Each treatment takes about 10 minutes.
i. It is a painless alternative to manual extractions and there are no side effects.
j. This procedure is not covered by any insurance companies.
k. The company offers PPx pore cleansing acne treatment starter kits for home use for $895, to order call 877.275.4779.