pulse-dye-laser-cystic-acne.JPG Dr. Judith Hellman a Board Certified Manhattan dermatologist, is reputed for her acne treatment with Pulse Dye Laser (PDL). The treatment has been used for over 3 years on patients with no relapses or flare-ups.

Procedure Features

a. Pulse dye laser targets the cysts by hitting at their red color.
b. It is superior to 'Accutane' oral medication for acne, which has many side effects.
c. Pulse dye laser acne treatment is effective, safe and painless. The acne is cleared in 3-4 treatments.
d. The laser can be used on patients of all ages, male, female, young or old ones.
e. The cost of the Pulse dye laser is $350 per treatment.

You can contact Dr. Judith Hellman at 212-751-0577 or email to jhellman@bigappleskin.com