stress-teens.jpg It has long been suspected that acne was related to the level of stress that a person undergoes. Now it is an established fact. According to a research conducted at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, it was found that acne conditions in a person became worse during stressful periods. This was the largest study till date on the relationship between stress and acne conditions.

Study findings
a. This study was published Acta Dermato-Venereologica, a Swedish journal.
b. 94 teenagers with moderate to mild acne were studied before their mid year examinations and again two months after the examination was over.
c. It was found that the subjects' sebum level did not vary in either period.
d. It was found that the subjects were more prone to acne just before their exams and it reduced after the exams were over.
e. This establishes a clears relationship between stress and acne breakout.
f. It was also found that teenagers were the worst sufferers.