acne-laser.jpg With so many treatments evolving for Acne sufferers, they often face a lot of confusion regarding the right treatment option. Though most go in for topical antibiotics, tablets and ointments, there are a few who go for upcoming treatments to cure acne, one such acne treatment is the laser. However a team of researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School in Ann Horbor conducted studies on 46 patients who were treated with laser. The results showed that the laser treatments for acne was not very effective in helping teens get rid of acne. The results were published in official journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Study findings
a. The study included recruiting 46 teenagers and treating one side of their face with lasers.
b. Each patient was given 3 laser treatments.
b. Doctors evaluating them did not know which side of the face was treated.
c. Patients experienced a temporary reduction in blackheads.
d. The treated side of the face was less oily after treatment.
e. However, there was no difference in the severity and number of pimples on the treated side of the face.
f. It was concluded that laser was more effective as a preventive measure rather than as a treatment option.