ThermaClear-comprehensive-acne-therapy-system.jpg Skin problems are common and there are many products in the market for hapless people quietly suffering them. Acne is one such condition that can have serious implications. At times it can also leave permanent scars on the face of the sufferer. Now, thanks the FDA approved ThermaClear. This innovative hand held device developed by Therative has been cleared by the FDA for the general market. It is expected to be available soon. Backed by Foundation Capital, RWI Ventures and Band of Angels. Therative has managed to rope in $5 million for the launch of this product.

Product Features
a. This hand held device uses short thermal pulses that penetrate the skin to treat mild to moderate acne.
b. These pulses heat the area to be treated and neutralizes the acne bacteria.
c. This device is battery operated, easy to use and absolutely safe and effective.
d. ThermaClear is Therative's first consumer product that uses a similar technology as laser.
e. This product is backed by a strong research and sales team.
f. It can be used on all skin types without any side effects.
g. This device can be safely used twice a day after cleaning the affected skin. But care should be taken not to use it for more than 1 hour at a time.
h. It is advisable to consult a doctor before using this device and more so if one is already taking any medicines for acne.
i. ThermaClear Comprehensive Therapy System is priced at $179.95!