acne-scarring.jpg The problems acne and acne scarring are most annoying for anybody who is suffering from them. There are some options available for those who are looking to remove acne and acne scarring.

a. Solodyn is an FDA approved daily-once oral treatment by Medicis Pharmaceuticals, is an effective treatment to cure many acne conditions. The minocycline in Solodyn effectively mars acne-causing bacteria. The dosage of Solodyn is not decided by age but the patients weight. Before taking this 12-week course contact your dermatologist.

b. For acne scarring there is an FDA approved treatment called Fraxel SR. The treatment is a two fold treatment, one which develops the skin texture by resurfacing and often erases the visible acne scarring and it corrects the damaged skin and morphs the sagged skin into stronger and more elastic by producing new collagen deep into the skin. This procedure needs a numbing cream or oral sedative before it is going to be performed. This procedure can be performed within 30 minutes and redness or swelling may be there for a few days. It needs a limited 'social' down time. Desired results can be found after 5 to 6 treatment.