acupuncture-to-cure-allergies.jpgPeople with allergies find temporary relief using traditional western medicine. Besides, these medicines also come with side effects and, at times, also make them resistant to its effect. So it is no wonder that more and more people are turning to alternative therapies to combat this problem. Acupuncture is becoming the preferred choice of most people suffering from allergies. This ancient Chinese healing technique helps the body to heal and protect itself by stimulating with needles certain points on the body's surface.

Treatment details
a. It treats the symptoms and strengthens the immune system.
b. Each patient is given individual diagnosis by determining heat and cold conditions.
c. In this system, heat condition is established if the phlegm or expectorant of the patient is green, the tongue has a red or yellow coating or the pulse is fast.
d. Cold condition is established if the phlegm or expectorant is white or translucent and there is a white coating on the tongue.
e. Treatment is given after analyzing the symptoms by targeting specific points.
f. Some acupuncturists also use herbs to complement their treatment.
g. This is an effective treatment procedure.
h. Modern acupuncture is at times done with laser instead of needles.
i. It does not involve the injection of foreign or chemical substance into the body.
j. There are no side effects.
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