The Chinese have always used this form of therapy to relieve health problems. Needles were always an integral part of this procedure. But now, thanks to Phoenix-based MicroLight Research, Inc. CEO, Darren Starwynn, Acupuncture gets a whole new dimension. Darren Starwynn who is also a licenced acupuncturist invented the Acutron Mentor, a device that uses electricity instead of the traditional needles. This device has got FDA approval. It can be purchased by licensed health practitioners like chiropractors and doctors.

Product Review
a. Acutron mentor consists of two hollow metal probes that are attached to a central hub generating a small electric current.
b. During the procedure the probes are put on acupuncture points and device emits micro-currents into the body.
c. The device can be used for the same problems that traditional acupuncture treats.
d. It can be used to treat digestive issues, increase blood flow and reduce pain.
e. Acutron mentor has shown to reduce wrinkles and increase muscular re-generation.
f. The recommended number of sessions are 10 to 20 for lasting effects.
g. This device incorporates 12 colored lights in the healing procedure.
h. Certain colors are used to target specific imbalances in a person's being.
i. This is a quick, simple and painless procedure.