This is a treatment with a difference. A little bit of therapy mixed with some alchemy and science along with new-age spirituality seems to be the new beauty mantra. Kristi Marie Jones, better known as Narayan, is a beauty guru who claims that she can remove wrinkles by applying the principals of reflexology to the face. The treatment, called faceology, is a ‘full-being’ (body/mind/emotion/spirit) approach that is designed to help in distressing a person. The best part is that this treatment can help in dealing with any disease since it works on the nervous system.

Procedure Highlights
a. It uses 503 pressure points on the body.
b. A person is required to lie down on his or her back.
c. Crystals are then placed on chakras (middle forehead, heart and so on) as well in each hand for the length of the treatment.
d. The practitioner places her fingers on the forehead and takes the patient through a series of deep breaths.
e. Then comes the guided meditation followed by the application of essential-oil, herb-based and fossilized earth masks to the skin.
f. Once the practitioner decides that you have reached the astral plane through meditation, you're invited to let go of any emotion you feel.
g. It works on the nervous system, where all disease starts.
h. It helps the skin to oxygenate and the muscles to soften.
i. Each session is for 60 or 90 minute.

$180 for 90 minutes
$120 for 60 minutes