hot-chocolate-beauty.jpg The cosmeceutical industry is booming with more and more dietary supplements aimed at enhancing beauty entering the market. The latest is a hot chocolate drink from Eurogran and Chr.Hansen. The drink, named Le Royal ChocoDark, will soon be available in vending machines in Cologne, Germany. It will be launched in the US at the Eu'Vend 2007 to be held fron 20 to 22 September, 2007.

Highlights of Le Royal ChocoDark
a. This hot chocolate contains natural carotenoids from from Chr Hansen's trademark NutriPhy phytonutrients range and cocoa polyphenols.
b. It also contains extra antioxidants.
c. It boosts the body's defense mechanism and rejuvenates the immune system.
d. It reduces the risk of degenerative diseases like macular degeneration.
e. It might also prevent heart disease and certain cancers.
f. It leads to general well being.
g. The target consumers are beauty conscious people.
h. This drink will be available in gyms and fitness centres.