People afflicted with skin diseases are often at a loss about the kind of treatment to take. Even after years of being put on medication the problem does not seem to go away. Sometimes one does not understand why a skin problem has disappeared. Such inexplicable cases have had dermatologists perturbed for a long time. Now, the emerging field of psychodermatology seeks to unravel this mystery. According to this branch of medicine, there is a direct relation between the mind and the skin. A relaxed and happy mind can banish skin problems for good.

Psychodermatology Benefits
a. This emerging field of study focuses on the mind-body connection.
b. The concept of Psychodermatology involves relaxation, lead a stress free life, biofeedback, self-hypnosis or psychotherapy for a healthy skin.
c. It is an effective alternative to traditional antibiotics and topical medications.
d. Doctors practicing psychodermatology prescribe psychiatrists, antidepressants and biofeedback to patients for even serious skin conditions like psoriasis and alopecia.
e. Research has shown that almost 30 to 60 per cent of dermatology patients have emotional problems as well.
f. Satisfied customers insist on the effectiveness of this treatment.
g. According to the August 2006 issue of Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology , 57 per cent of patients suffering from alopecia benefited immensely after undergoing hypnosis.
h. According to studies conducted at Carleton University in Canada, patients lost their warts after undergoing hypnosis.
i. People with psoriasis benefited from relaxation techniques.