accent-skin-tightening-wrinkles-cellulite-face-lift.jpg The Accent is a new skin-tightening device, which uses Radio Frequency waves to eliminate wrinkles, reduce waistline and gives the effect of face-lift, without the need to undergo plastic surgery. The procedure involves using a device which heats up the skin and causes it to shrink, when collagen is reformed, it causes the skin to tighten up.

Procedure Review
a. Accent skin tightening shows credible results in eliminating sagging skin.
b. The procedure is approved in Canada and Europe and is under FDA study in the US.
c. Most optimal candidates for Accent skin tightening procedure in age group of 30-40 years.
d. About 40 centers in the US are offering the Accent treatment.
e. The number of recommended treatments are 4 to 6 sessions.