The food you take is one critical factor which makes you look good or bad. The more the right stuff you eat the more charming you look. Here are some foods which bring glow to your skin.

Major Benefits

a. The first and foremost is avocado fruit which is a rich source of essential oils and b-complex vitamin (Niacin B3). This vitamin is essential for the skin to be healthy. Niacin vitamin is known as an anti-inflammatory and alleviates red, blotchy skin. There is 3.8mg of niacin present in one avocado.
b. Another important vitamin for the skin is vitamin A, mangoes are perfect food to serve the purpose. Vitamin A is well-known to repair skin cells and mar free radicals that cause early aging of the skin.
c. Almonds are the richest source of vitamin E which moisturizes dry skin with its oils and protects skin from damaging by acting as anti-oxidants. The vitamin E in almonds also impedes premature aging of facial tissue.
d. Dairy food is good for your face as well as bones. Especially the mineral Selenium available in cottage cheese is a powerful anti-oxidant and skin protector from cancer and fights dandruff.
e. Acerola Cherries with vitamin C in them supplement the anti-oxidants and removes wrinkles by stimulating collagen production.

f. Oysters are a very good source of zinc. Zinc effectively clears acne and helps in improving elstin production with the help of vitamin C.
g. Baked potatoes are a rich source of copper. This mineral in tandem with vitamin C and zinc helps in producing elastin fibers that supports skin structure.
h. Mushrooms are excellent souces of Riboflavin (B2) vitamin that is useful for tissue maintenance and repair the skin.
i. Wheat Germ is a useful and nutritious to protect one from dermatitis, since it is a rich source of Biotin (B) vitamin.