ageless-fantasy.jpg If reports are to be believed, old age has a smell. However, there is no need to panic as yet. But according to scientists, pink grapefruit can help a person hide this smell. And thanks to New York based Harvey Prince Co., the crisp scent of pink grapefruit is now within reach of countless worried people who wish to appear younger than they are. Their Ageless Fantasy perfume claims that a woman can come across as at least eight years simply by her smell.

Product Highlights
a. This is the world’s first anti aging perfume.
b. This perfume was developed after clinical trials 75 men were conducted to determine which smells denote youth.
c. Scents like grapefruit and mango, which registered high on the youth scale, are the key components of Ageless Fantasy.
d. The fragrance notes of this perfume are "exciting, energizing and uplifting".
e. It makes one feel younger and smell younger.

$120 for a 3.04 oz. bottle, Click here to buy now