Anti-ageing expert Tina Richards, has some tips to ward off aging signs without any expensive procedures and cosmetic products.

a. In order to avoid premature wrinkles (caused by UVA rays) on your face, apply a sunscreen SPF 15 daily and choose sunblock formulations with zinc oxide or micronised titanium dioxide. Clinique's City Block SPF 25, £12.5 is good sunscreen with SPF 15.
b. Eat organic and unpolluted fish twice or thrice a week. Take a low-GI diet that is rich in antioxidants and essential unsaturated oils.
c. Make it sure that you are taking an all-in-one daily antioxidant complex; here is the suggested one Organic Pharmacy Superantioxidants, £29.95. Use anti-inflammatory unsaturated oils daily.
d. A sine wave microcurrent facial is helpful for you in toning besides stimulating collagen production and also useful for anti-inflammatory action.
e. Some other options available for smoothing and firming skin are retinoid treatments, lunch-time peels, micro-dermabrasion etc; all these will substantially improve collagen levels to repair the damaged skin.