photokinetix-aagp-anti-aging.jpg ProtoKinetix, a Canada based bio-technology firm has disclosed that it has developed a family of synthetic anti-freeze glycoproteins, which have anti-aging effects. Glycoproteins provide anti-inflammation, anti-aging and UV protection for a wide range of skin care applications. The product is called AAGP.

AAGP Benefits
a. The continued research into molecules (AAGP) is showing rapid progress in the area of skin care.
b. It is especially effective in safeguarding skin cells against UV exposure.
c. Recent laboratory experiments have proved that AAGP acts at molecular level, inducing repair of damaged cells.
d. It is found that AAGP safeguards and repairs skin cells.
e. According to published letter from scientists of ITTEC Stem laboratories, AAGP is believed to have vast applications in the anti-aging arena.