The term 'Super Nutrition' is coined by Dr.Robert I-San Lin which he defines as balanced food with all essential minerals and vitamins; is the key to beat ageing. Nutrition combined with avoiding sedentary lifestyle is superior to usage of anti-ageing creams, drugs or any
cosmetic procedure. He recommends daily intake of vitamin and mineral supplement to makeup any deficiency. Dr. Lin recommends the following anti-ageing Super foods.

Defy aging with these foods

a. Low processed vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains fat-free skim milk, and lean meat in particular fish.
b. Eating complex carbohydrates in place of quick digesting carbohydrate foods, such as rice, wheat, bread and pasta.
c. Reducing consumption of sugars and fats.
d. Drink a minimum of 10-12 glasses of water daily and prefer eating fresh fruits over fruit juices.
e. Eat ground vegetables which are rich in anti-oxidants over underground vegetables like potato, yam and carrots.