anti-oxidants-supplements.jpg Millions of people take antioxidant vitamins for a healthier life. In the US and Europe alone, almost 160 million people take these supplements regularly. But, now, new studies suggest that it might not be all that healthy. Opinion is still divided regarding this matter and results from further studies are awaited. Experts haven however, cautioned people that instead of depending on supplements, it is better to increase the intake of food containing these antioxidants.

Study findings
a. According to studies, regular intake of vitamins A, E , C, beta carotene and selenium do not prolong life.
b. Antioxidants are more effective if they are taken in food form and not in capsule or tablet form.
c. Vitamins A, E and beta carotenes may increase the death risk in some people.
d. Beta carotene might cause lung cancer in smokers.
e. However, some experts are of the opinion that these supplements have a beneficial effect on overall health.
f. Others are of the opinion that these supplements neither benefit nor increase risk of certain diseases.