apple-peel.jpg We all know the old saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Now, however, we might as well change it to, "An apple peel a day keeps the doctor away." According to recent reports, apple peel is more nutritious than the flesh of the apple. Acting on these reports, Cornell University's scientists conducted a research to verify the beneficial properties of apple peel.

Highlights of apple peel's health benefits
a. It is said to have anti-carcinogenic properties.
b. It reduces the risk of chronic health problems like heart disease and stroke.
c. Apple peels contain chemicals that neutralize the cancer cells of the liver, breast and colon.
d. Some of these chemicals prevented the growth of cancer cells while some killed the cancer causing cells completely.
e. The peel contains almost 75 per cent of the dietary fiber found in the apple.
f. It also contains a group of phytochemicals which are highly beneficial.