It is an established fact that stress is a major trigger in the aging process. This is most common in pregnant women. Pregnancy leads to changes in the body and adjustments women have to be made accordingly. Some common stress factors during pregnancy are weight gain, morning sickness and emotional imbalances. Once the child is born, mom's have to be giving constant care to their new born and sometimes there are sleep deprived. All this can make a women age very fast. The only remedy for this is a positive attitude.

Aging and Pregnancy
a. Pregnancy can make a person feel unattractive.
b. Once women are pregnant they tend to stop taking care of their skin care regimes and a mother often has no time for it.
c. Concern about the health of the unborn child can build up stress and lead to dark circles and blotchy skin.
d. The weight put on during pregnancy and the stress associated with it can hasten the appearance of visible signs of aging.
e. Pregnancy can lead to hormonal imbalance, which affect looks.
f. Morning sickness can lead to broken blood vessels in the face which can affect skin health.
g. The day-to-day care of a child can be stressful and make a person look older than she is.
h. Pregnant women experience a surge in the production of estrogen and progesterone, which can lead to formation of plaque and swollen gums.
i. Lack of sleep due to hectic child rearing chores can age a woman faster than any other factor.